News Releases

Apr 9, 2017

Spending requests submitted

Your congressional office has completed submission of FY18 spending recommendations to the House Appropriations Committee.

Apr 9, 2017

Protecting our tourism economy

Tourists from China are important to the Marianas economy. They now account for 35 percent of all visitors. Most enter under a parole system agreed by the Obama administration in 2009.

Apr 9, 2017

Veterans Choice extended

Veterans in the Marianas and other remote areas will continue to be able to get medical care from their local physicians, rather than traveling off island to a Veterans clinic, until early 2018.

Apr 9, 2017

FEMA app upgraded

FEMA has added a new feature to its mobile app, providing safety tips on how to prepare for and get through typhoons and other disasters.

Apr 3, 2017

Kilili announces 2017 Congressional Art Competition

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan is once again inviting high school students in the Northern Mariana Islands to join the annual Congressional Art Competition.

Apr 2, 2017

THIS WEEK IN CONGRESS - March 31, 2017

Calling student artists • Kagman Health Center visit • USCIS advises on CW applications • BECQ gets $1M from EPA • Trump budget hits Pell grants

Apr 2, 2017

USCIS advises on CW applications

Constituents have asked about submitting CW petitions in person at the California Service Center in Laguna Niguel. In response, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has advised that petitions should be sent only by mail or delivery.

Apr 2, 2017

BECQ gets $1M from EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $962,275 to the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality. BECQ will use part of the grant money to help hotels in the Northern Marianas to install energy efficient lighting and laundry services.

Apr 2, 2017

Trump budget hits Pell grants

Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee issued an analysis of President Trump’s budget proposal, noting that “the budget blocks $3.9 billion of the program’s $10.6 billion surplus from being rolled over into FY2018 and beyond.

Mar 27, 2017

THIS WEEK IN CONGRESS - March 24, 2017

•Happy Covenant Day•OSHA reports on job injuries•Healthcare bill must add islands•Working for students with PSS board•SCOTUS supports special needs kids•Army Corps reports progress•House, Senate vets committees meet•Looking out for women...