United pilots discuss concerns

Captain David Drews and First Officer Craig Bennett met with me to discuss safety provisions.
United pilots discuss concerns feature image

Meeting with the PRC

Wang Chen, Vice Chair of the Standing Committee-13th National People's Congress, led the delegation.
Meeting with the PRC feature image

Welcome, Michael and Shelby!

Mr. Ortizo joins the office as a summer intern, while Ms. Deegan joins us through the Girl Scout Congressional Aide program.
Welcome, Michael and Shelby! feature image

Visitors welcomed!!!

Thank you, Villagomez, Guerrero, and Cing families!
Visitors welcomed!!! feature image

Vets clinic study signed into law

Marianas veterans, who are not registered for VA health benefits, need to do so now.
Vets clinic study signed into law feature image

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Kilili: Reduced tension in Korea good for Marianas

Jun 21, 2018 Marianas Variety

The Marianas’ ties to South Korea and regional stability were the focus for U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan in a meeting with Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam.


Jun 17, 2018 e-kilili newsletter

We have money, let’s feed people • United pilots discuss concerns • Harassment hearing needed • Agent Orange diseases recognized • STOPping opioid shipments • Meeting with the PRC • “Non-voting” Delegates do vote • Welcome, summer interns! • Visitors: Tinian’s Cing family • Villagomez, Guerrero families here • Okaruru renews Marianas ties • Tweet o’ the week: VA MISSION Act

We have the money, let’s feed people

Jun 17, 2018 e-kilili newsletter

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the Commonwealth will have $17.4 million for food stamps, unused, at the end of 2021—even after the substantial benefit increases that began May 1 at my urging.

Harassment hearing needed

Jun 17, 2018 e-kilili newsletter

Democrats on the House Natural Resources Committee want a hearing, as soon as possible, on the long-standing problems with sexual and other forms of harassment at the Department of the Interior.

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