$1,000+ Child Tax Credit increase

Feb 28, 2021

One change I negotiated in the Manager’s amendment to the American Rescue Plan is money for the Marianas to pay the increased Child Tax Credit monthly, rather than once a year. The CTC is also going up from $2,000 per child through age 16 to $3,000 per child through age 17. And parents of children six-years-old and under will receive up to $3,600 for each child. In last week’s version of the Rescue Plan payments were to become monthly—everywhere except in the insular areas. I got that fixed in the Manager’s amendment, so parents in the Marianas will also be eligible for advance monthly payments. I also added the $300,000 the Commonwealth told us would be needed to cover the cost of cutting the $250 or $300 checks monthly. The Governor would still have the option to stick with an annual payment, however, if he does not want responsibility for making monthly payments. Child support payments like this have shown to boost academic achievement and improve children’s health and well-being. Long-term studies point to increased lifespans and higher incomes for those helped by these cash transfers. I urge parents to use the money wisely to help their children.