$150M+ expected from CDBG-DR

Jun 10, 2019

Among federal grant programs the Marianas is eligible for in the just-signed disaster appropriation, the Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery program is expected to yield $50 million. Added to some $100 million in CDBG-DR from legislation we passed last year, the Commonwealth will have about $150 million for housing rehabilitation, infrastructure repair and resilience, economic revitalization, and to use as the local match for FEMA grants. Because the Commonwealth has never before received CDBG-DR and because of the amounts involved, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is responsible for the money, plans to send a team to the islands later this month. The HUD team will spend two days refining understanding of needs before announcing final funding allocations in August. The team will also brief Commonwealth officials on the stringent requirements for CDBG-DR. A detailed plan of expenditure is necessary, as well as certification that procurement processes and financial management meet HUD standards, or funds will not be released.