Committee Assignments

Natural Resources Committee – this Committee exercises responsibility over matters that enrich America and all Americans – from the natural and historic heritage of our National Parks and forests to the majesty of our oceans and wilderness areas. Committee jurisdiction also includes the Geological Survey, Insular possessions of the United States and relations of the United States with Native Americans and Native American tribes.

Vice Chair for Insular Affairs

Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee –The Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife is responsible for overseeing the agencies that manage America’s water resources, hydropower development, and federal transmission lines. Democrats on the subcommittee are committed to managing, developing, and improving America’s water supply in an environmentally and economically sound manner. Democrats are also dedicated to developing our domestic energy resources by promoting affordable, environmentally-sustainable hydroelectricity. The Subcommittee is also charged with developing and overseeing the implementation of laws managing domestic and international fisheries and other marine resources. The United States has made great strides in making fisheries more economically and environmentally sustainable, as well as in protecting vulnerable ocean ecosystems and species like sharks, whales, and coral. Much remains to be done, however, particularly in light of the threats climate change poses to our oceans and coasts.

Education and Labor CommitteeFor generations, America has been a leader in the global economy, thanks to the drive and innovative spirit of America's students and workers. But working families have lost ground, finding themselves squeezed between shrinking paychecks and paying for college and putting food on the table. The mission of this committee is simple: Strengthening America's working families.

Chair – Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education – Education from early learning through the high school level, including but not limited to early care and education programs such as the Head Start Act and the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act, special education, and homeless and migrant education; overseas dependent schools; career and technical education; school climate and safety, including alcohol and drug abuse prevention; educational equity, including facilities; educational research and improvement, including the Institute of Education Sciences; and pre-service and in-service teacher professional development, including Title II of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Title II of the Higher Education Act.

Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Investment – Education and workforce development beyond the high school level, including but not limited to higher education generally, postsecondary student assistance and employment services, and the Higher Education Act, including campus safety and climate; adult education; postsecondary career and technical education, apprenticeship programs, and workforce development, including but not limited to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, vocational rehabilitation, and workforce development programs from immigration fees; programs related to the arts and humanities, museum and library services, and arts and artifacts indemnity; science and technology programs; and domestic volunteer programs and national service programs, including the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Committee on Veterans’ AffairsThe House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is the authorizing committee for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The committee is responsible for recommending legislation expanding, curtailing, or fine-tuning existing laws relating to veterans' benefits. The Committee also has oversight responsibility, which means monitoring and evaluating the operations of the VA. If the Committee finds that VA is not administering laws as Congress intended, then it is addressed through the hearing process and legislation. We are the voice of Congress for veterans in dealings with the VA.

Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs – The Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs has legislative, oversight, and investigative jurisdiction over compensation; general and special pensions of all the wars of the United States.

HealthThe Subcommittee on Health has legislative, oversight, and investigative jurisdiction over the Veterans Health Administration including medical services, medical support and compliance, medical facilities, medical and prosthetic research, and major and minor construction.