CNMI delegate's bill to improve fisheries

Apr 22, 2015


Talanei.comCNMI Congressman Greg ‘Kilili’ Sablan has introduced legislation to improve fisheries conservation, while raising revenue for the US Pacific islands.  

KHJ New Washington Correspondent Matt Kaye reports…

Sablan hopes to add his bill to a more sweeping bill by Natural Resources Chair Don Young, to reauthorize the Magnuson Fishery Conservation Act.

Sablan says the Act which expired about two-years ago, is working well…fish stocks are growing, because fisheries are being managed better…but Magnuson must be reauthorized.
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And Sablan would increase public transparency, by requiring live on-line broadcasts of WESPAC and other federal fisheries councils.

Then, there’s a revenue part of his measure…

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Sablan argues revenue from island resources belongs to the people, and the local governments should decide the best use for that money—not WESPAC, a federal agency.

Sablan would also require that the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission have at least one-member from either American Samoa, Guam or the NMI.

The House Natural Resources Committee will take up the Magnuson reauthorization on April 30th.  

Sablan introduced his bill now to start talks on his measure becoming part of the larger bill by Chairman Young.

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