Congress responds with $8.3B

Mar 10, 2020
The amount of money shows how seriously we are taking the coronavirus outbreak and how serious we are about protecting public health. Included:
  •  $950 million to States, locals, territories, and tribes for:
    •  infection control at the local level to prevent additional cases; 
    •  contact tracing to identify additional positive cases;
    •  laboratory testing to detect positive cases;
    •  surveillance for coronavirus;
    •  other public health preparedness and response activities.
  • Reimbursement for State or local costs already incurred for coronavirus preparedness and response between January 20 and March 6 — 
  • Allowing funds to be used for construction or renovation of facilities to improve state and local preparedness and response capabilities.
  • $500 million for health agencies in areas of shortage of supplies to buy drugs, masks, and personal protective equipment.
  • $100 million for health services through Community Health Centers.
  • $3 billion for development of vaccines and treatment with requirement whatever is developed with taxpayer dollars is available and affordable.
  • $1 billion in loan subsidies for Small Business Disaster Loans. 
In addition to these appropriations to deal with the public health emergency, discussions have also begun regarding legislation to offset the economic impact of the coronavirus individuals and state and local governments.