Help for job training

Oct 20, 2019

More federal help for Marianas workers looking to enter the job market is the goal of the Employment Services and Jobs Parity Act, which I introduced. H.R. 4743 ensures job seekers in the Marianas get the same skill assessments, career guidance, and referrals to training provided to other insular areas through the Wagner-Peyser Act. The annual grant is worth about $300,000. Republicans have previously blocked my bills to get equal treatment for the Marianas. But Education and Labor Committee Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott gave me his commitment last year that once Democrats were in the majority he would move ahead to “make the Marianas an eligible entity for Wagner-Peyser Act assistance.” I appreciate the Chairman’s support and look forward to moving my bill, as a stand-alone or included in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, when we reauthorize that law later in this Congress.