Legislative Accomplishments

  1. PL 111-13 - Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act
    Marianas included in Domestic Volunteers Service Act and National Volunteer Antipoverty programs.
  2. PL 111-84 – National Defense Authorization Act of 2010
    Section 527: Marianas positions at each service academy increased from one to two.
  3. PL 111-148 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    Section 2005: 30% increase in Medicaid base funding for Marianas, local matching rate lowered from 50/50 to 55/45.
  4. PL 111-152 – Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
    Section 1323: Provides additional $109 million to the Marianas for Medicaid.
    Sec. 2101: Increased the maximum Pell Grant award for lower income students and made more students from the Marianas eligible for the grant
    Sec. 2102: Created the five-year College Access Challenge Grant program that provided $7.5 million to the Northern Marianas College
  5. PL 111-244 – Guam political status education
    Section 2: Marianas minimum wage increase rescheduled.
  6. PL 111-320 – Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act reauthorization
    Section 311: Marianas gets state share of Domestic Violence Coalition grant.
  7. PL 111-364 – Diesel Emissions Reduction reauthorization
    Section 2: State share of Diesel Emissions Reduction grant provided for the Marianas.
  8. PL 111-383 – National Defense Authorization Act of 2011
    Section 642: Authorizes exchange store expansion feasibility study.
    Section 3503: Merchant Marine Academy nominations allowed for residents of the Marianas.
  9. PL 112-239 – National Defense Authorization Act of 2013
    Section 588: Requires display of Marianas flag on military installations along with all State flags.

    Section 1699a: Marianas included in State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant program.
  10. PL 113-4 – Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013
    Section 201: Doubles grant for Sexual Assault Services Program in the Northern Marianas.
  11. PL 113-34
    Section 1: Ownership of submerged lands conveyed to Mariana Islands.
    Section 2: Minimum wage increases rescheduled.
  12. PL 113-66 – National Defense Authorization Act for 2014
    Section 515: Authorization of feasibility study for National Guard unit in Marianas.
  13. PL 113-79 – Agricultural Act of 2014
    Section 4031: Creates Marianas SNAP pilot program, $32.5 million provided.
  14. PL 113-121 – Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014
    Section 10321: Increases waiver of Marianas match for Army Corps projects.
  15. PL 113-235 – Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015
    Section 10: Immigration transition period extended from 2014 to 2019.
  16. PL 113-291 – National Defense Authorization Act of 2015
    Section 3051: Authorizes Rota National Park Resource Study.
  17. PL 114-92 – National Defense Authorization Act of 2016
    Section 556: Marianas positions at each military service academy increased from two to three.
  18. PL 114-95 – Every Student Succeeds Act
    Section 1121: Increases Title IA funding for the Marianas.
  19. PL 114-305: Authorizes naming of Saipan Post Office.
  20. PL 115-53 – Northern Marianas Economic Expansion Act
    Increases CW permits, barred use for new construction workers, increased training fee for U.S. workers.
  21. PL 115-182 – VA MISSION Act
    Section 213: Authorizes feasibility study for a VA community based outpatient clinic in the Marianas.
  22. PL 115-218 – Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Workforce Act
    Continues the immigration transition period through 2029 with new protections for U.S. workers, local businesses and legacy workers