More disaster aid now available

Oct 8, 2018

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers will remain on Rota, Saipan and Tinian to help with applications.

The following sites are now opened:
Monday - Friday - 9am - 6pm
Saturdays - 10am - 4pm

Northern Marianas College (Room A-1)

Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

Northern Marianas College (Room C)

***The Tinian Mayor’s Office would like to notify the Tinian community that a Lot No. is required upon registration. Lot No. information may be obtained from the Dept. of Public Lands (DPL) and will cost .50 cents per copy.

If you have already spoken with a Disaster Recovery Assistance personnel, you DO NOT have to register at a Disaster Recovery Center.

To ensure a faster, more efficient application process, obtain the following information PRIOR to heading to the nearest Disaster Assistance designated site: 
• Social Security Number (one per household)
• Address of the damaged home or apartment
• Description of the damage
• Information about insurance coverage (ensure you obtain policy no. information)
• Telephone number
• Mailing address
• Bank account and routing numbers for direct deposit of funds

Currently, the *best* method to register for disaster assistance in the CNMI is by speaking directly with Disaster Survivor Assistance personnel.