More NDAA highlights

Jul 27, 2020
The annual defense policy bills authorize over $730 billion in discretionary spending for our national defense to maintain military readiness, enhance capabilities, improve personnel initiatives, and prioritize technological security. Additional provisions include:
  • A second consecutive 3% pay raise for service members
  • Continued oversight to ensure quality housing for military families
  • Hazardous duty pay for troops responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Funds efforts to proactively increase the country‚Äôs ability to prepare for and respond to future pandemics
  • Enhanced military justice and sexual assault prevention and response initiatives
  • Continued efforts to address contamination associated with per-and polyfluorinated compounds in military communities
  • Funding to support research for climate crisis response
  • Requires a review and change of the names of all military bases and infrastructure named for individuals who served in the Confederacy
  • Prohibits the display of the Confederate flag on Defense installations