More NDAA highlights

Sep 26, 2021
More NDAA highlights

The annual defense policy bill authorizes over $768 billion in discretionary spending for our national defense that will maintain military readiness, enhance capabilities, and benefit our service members and their families. H.R. 4350 also includes an amendment I cosponsoredthat directs the Defense and Energy Departments to declassify documents related to weapons testing in the Marshall Islands and another that provides an apology to individuals and their families in the Marianas and several western states who were exposed to radiation from nuclear testing. Additional provisions include:

  • A 2.7% pay raise for service members
  • Increased parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers
  • $15 minimum wage for service and construction contracts
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice reforms to combat sexual assault and extremism
  • Support for the relocation of at-risk Afghans

Improved climate and energy initiatives