No local Medicaid match needed

Nov 25, 2019

No local match will be needed for the Marianas Medicaid program through December 20. The House extended the 100 percent federal money provision from June’s disaster relief law in the FY20 Continuing Resolution signed on Thursday. Though improving the federal-local matching rate in this way is a longstanding goal of the Marianas and all the insular areas, we still have to provide more money for our Medicaid programs. The Marianas has a grant of $6.9m for this fiscal year and carried over about $2.5m in Obamacare funding, but that falls far short of what is really needed. The House remains locked in negotiations with the Senate on H.R. 2328, a bipartisan bill that provides the Marianas with $360 m. in federal Medicaid funds over the next six years. H.R. 2328 requires no local match for the first two years and then scales down to a 76 percent federal/24 percent local match in year six—the most generous rate given to any U.S. State.