FEMA Congressional Advisory #3

Sep 13, 2018

Super Typhoon Mangkhut

September 12, 2018

Safety & Security

• Nothing reported for the NMI

Food Water and Shelter

• Shelters open and occupied in the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

• Damage assessments are ongoing in Saipan;

• Water

o   Tinian water service is back online;

o   Rota water service is online, but 40% of Sinapalo residents are experiencing service issues.           

Health & Medical

• Power is restored at Rota hospital;

• HVAC running and cleaning underway.

• National Disaster Medical Systems are assessing health and medical Impact.

• Guam Memorial Hospital is diverting patients due to the potential failure of an electrical distribution panel; if the panel fails, patients must be evacuated.


• CNMI Saipan Harbor port is open;

• Tinian Harbor and Rota Harbor remain closed with post-storm assessments underway;

• Prts will remain closed until assessments are completed.

• All airports are open..


• Saipan and Tinian have partial outages, but restoration is underway.

• Rota has island-wide power outage (approximately 1,049 customers.)

Hazardous Waste

• Wastewater plants are on backup power;

• 80 percent of sewer plants in the Northern Mariana Islands have generators.


• No issues reported