Obamacare is still helping NMI seniors

Aug 1, 2014

Just like the rest of Americans, seniors in the Northern Marianas are getting help paying for prescription drugs as a result of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Department of Health and Human Services has released new data, showing that 14 Medicare beneficiaries in the NMI, who fall in the so-called “donut hole,” have received an average of $660 so far this year to help pay for their medicines. The donut hole is the gap between regular Medicare Part D drug coverage and catastrophic coverage. Obamacare will close the gap completely by 2020; and in the meantime seniors in the donut hole are receiving extra assistance to pay for their medicines. Medicare beneficiaries in the Marianas have gotten a total of $53,214, according to HHS. This benefit will continue despite the recent decision by the Department that certain Obamacare requirements for insurance do not apply in the U.S. territories.