Scott agrees Wagner-Peyser fix

Nov 10, 2018

Republicans blocked efforts to get the Marianas and American Samoa into the Wagner-Peyser jobs grant in 2014, when the program was last up for reauthorization. But with Democrats in control—and the possibility I could chair the subcommittee responsible for Wagner-Peyser in the next Congress—that could change.

The program is up for reauthorization again in 2019. And the incoming Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Rep. Robert Scott (D-Virginia), agreed to make this fix part of our agenda for the 116th Congress.

“Please know that you have my commitment to work with you to make the Marianas an eligible entity for Wagner-Peyser Act assistance when Congress takes up the reauthorization of [the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act],” Mr. Scott wrote to me on October 22. And he pledged “to explore other opportunities to increase and strengthen the U.S. workforce in the Marianas.”

The annual Wagner-Peyser grant, about $300,000, would provide referrals to training for job seekers and match employers to workers with needed experience and skills.