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Library of Congress

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History, Literature, Science, Government, Civics

Primary source sets, lesson plans, podcasts, webcasts, student activities, professional development modules, and more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

BAM! Body and Mind

EXCITE: Excellence in Curriculum Innovation Through Teaching Epidemiology

David J. Sencer CDC Museum

Science, Health and Wellness

Interactive and innovative activities for students, fact sheets, mobile apps, and more.

Environmental Protection Agency

Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, and Online Resources for Educators

Science, Environment, Health

Lesson plans, student activities, teacher guides, and environmental publications. 

National Archives

Teachers' Resources Page

History, Social Studies

DocsTeach online interactive tool to find primary sources and lesson plans; free ebooks and articles; webinars

Office of Citizen Services & Innovation Technologies

Kids.Gov Teachers Page

Arts and Music, Health, Safety, Science, Math, Money, Jobs, Literacy, History, Government

Portal for lesson plans, teaching guides, activities, worksheets, and other materials from a wide range of federal programs.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Science on a Sphere Explorer Program Teaching Resources

Science, Weather, Climate

Data sets, data exploration tools, maps, visualizations, videos, student activities, teaching guides, and more.

National Park Service

Teacher Resources

History, Natural Resources,  Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Primary source sets, virtual field trips, lesson plans, and guides for teaching about America's national parks.

U.S. Census Bureau

Statistics, Math, History

Maps, videos, mobile apps, infographics, games, data access tools and more. Organized by resource type and historical era. 

U.S. Forest Service

Educators and Parents Page

Forest Service Multimedia Resources

Natural Resources, Science, Technology

Natural Inquirer journal for middle-school students, FSNatureLive! webinars, podcasts,