Spending requests submitted

Apr 9, 2017

Your congressional office has completed submission of FY18 spending recommendations to the House Appropriations Committee. The Committee makes no distinction between those Members of Congress representing people in states and those representing non-state areas, such as the Mariana Islands.

Among our top requests are increases in Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I funding and in Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water funds to take advantage of the improved allocation formulas for insular areas we have successfully obtained. As always, we are supporting funding for the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities and for coral reefs and ocean protection. Constituents have forcefully communicated the need to keep these programs in light of President Trump’s proposal to cut them.

I also succeeded in having 82 other Members of Congress sign onto a request for Gulf War Illness Research, which I co-led with my Veterans Affairs Committee colleague, Rep. Jack Bergman of Michigan. FY18 begins on October 1.