Status report: U.S. Workforce Act

Jul 8, 2018

Reports on social media that President Trump had signed the Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Workforce Act into law were not accurate. Your congressional office is tracking the bill in Washington.

After passage, it is enrolled by the Clerk of the House, where the bill originated, and signed by the Speaker of the House and the Presiding Officer of the Senate. Then, the bill is hand-delivered to the White House. In addition to all those I have already thanked by name, I would like to express appreciation for the input of USCIS District Director David G. Gulick, with whom I met to get ideas for the bill in Hawai’i last October, and CBP Director for the CNMI Robert M. Havens, who has been a constant source of front-line information about the entry/exit process. They both recommended language that allows CW permits to be used for transit through Guam rather than just for admission to the Marianas as specified in the original U.S. Public Law 110-229. I included their recommendation in H.R. 4869 and S.2325, when Senator Murkowski and I first introduced the U.S. Workforce Act in January.