Supplemental disaster funding

Apr 14, 2019

House and Senate Democrats have introduced a new bill appropriating funds for the Marianas and other communities struck by natural disasters. This time around the proposal includes areas hit by flooding and storms in 2019, not just the 2018 events covered in H.R. 268. That bill passed the House on January 16 with amendments I added during floor debate that upped food stamp funding for the Marianas to $25.2 million and increased our Medicaid assistance to $36 million. In the Senate, the disaster bill is stuck because of opposition from President Trump. And Republican versions of the bill in the Senate leave out the $36 million in Marianas Medicaid, even though our program is currently out of money. Senate Republican bills—and the new proposals by Democrats this week—continue to include other money I fought for—$10.4 million for sewer and water repairs in the Marianas and $56 million for our solid waste facilities—as well as eligibility for funding for:

Talks will continue over the two week district work period that begins yesterday.