THIS WEEK IN CONGRESS - August 3, 2018

Aug 5, 2018

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Gov, please support legacy workers

Persistent pursuit of permanent status

Honoring a friend at USCIS

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Help us help veterans

VA home loans available

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Gov, please support legacy workers.

In a letter to Governor Ralph Torres this week I asked him to support the Northern Mariana Islands Workforce Stabilization Act—my bill that gives permanent status to our long-term workers and investors. The Governor has not yet replied, or endorsed my bill, H.R. 6578. I introduced the Stabilization Act two days after the Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Workforce Act was signed into law. I included a definition of “long-term worker” in the Workforce Act, so that I could use that legal definition in the Stabilization Act to determine who would be eligible for permanent status. This legal definition makes it much easier to get support for the bill. In fact, after just one week we now have 20 cosponsors. I have worked for permanent status since I came to Congress, and I have learned in those ten years that persistence pays off. I hope Governor Torres will decide to support my new legislation and all our legacy workers and investors.

Help us help veterans

We need the help of veterans, family members, and those who provide services to veterans in building the case for a Vet Center in the Marianas. Some have already helped by completing the needs assessment survey that we distributed at this year’s Veterans Resource Fair, but we need more. Vet Centers assist veterans with transitioning into civilian life. I met with then-Secretary David Shulkin last fall and got his approval for a needs assessment, as a first step. And I enlisted the help of Dr. Edward Santos Director of the Vet Center in Guam, who devised the survey. Now we need your responses. You can take the survey here, online. All responses will be confidential and anonymous.

VA home loans available

Veterans interested in home loan assistance recently attended the Department of Veterans Affairs presentation on the Native American Direct Loan Program on Saipan. The program can be used to purchase, build, or improve a home. Let us know if you need help accessing this program or contact Jennifer Camacho at the Northern Marianas Housing Corporation, 670-234-6866. The chart below shows the maximum loan amount available for locations in the Marianas in 2018.



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